Our employees are Chesapeake’s greatest asset, and their passion, work ethic and skills are the driving force behind the company’s success. With trust and respect as core values, our company culture puts employees at the center — investing in career development, caring about quality of life and appreciating their unique perspectives.

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As of Dec. 31, 2022

Inherent to the talented team at Chesapeake is a culture built on collaboration. We are encouraged to break down silos and promote teamwork to reach our performance goals. Our culture also values every voice by respecting and celebrating our differences and the diverse perspectives that fuel innovation.

Total Rewards Benefits Program

We compensate our employees through competitive pay, benefits and personal and professional development programs. Taken together, they represent our industry-leading Total Rewards program, which includes:

  • Generous 401(k) employer match 
  • Abundant paid time off, including 12 company-paid holidays each year and a personal well-being day
  • Medical, dental, vision, prescription drug, health savings account, flexible spending and short- and long-term disability coverage
  • Dedicated professional development program
  • Parental leave for mothers and fathers
  • On-site childcare (Oklahoma City)
  • Adoption assistance
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Military differential pay
  • Quarterly profit-sharing contribution to 401(k) regardless of employee contribution

In 2022, 68 male employees and 15 female employees took paid parental leave, with 100% of these employees returning to work full-time after leave. Expectant employees also have the option of taking short-term disability after the birth of a child to extend their maternity leave if they choose.

Hybrid Workplace and Schedule Flexibility

We encourage honest dialogue among our employees and are responsive to their concerns. As a result of direct employee feedback, we introduced “Work for Your Day.” This initiative empowers employees to choose their work locations (working remotely or in the office) based on their department needs, workloads and schedule. Departments are encouraged to schedule collaboration time so teams can gather in the office to reinforce our workplace culture and build team relationships. We believe that workplace flexibility helps to optimize professional success and gives our employees added time and energy for life’s responsibilities.

Recognizing that no week is the same professionally or personally, employees have autonomy to flex their schedule in partnership with their department and team needs. Additionally, in Oklahoma City, our team enjoys half day Fridays (8 a.m. to noon).

Leadership Development

From our training programs to our career advisory initiatives, our goal is to help Chesapeake employees reach their full potential while driving company success. Supporting our employees’ personal growth begins by equipping the leaders who manage them. Employee development is a skill in and of itself, and we offer extensive training to help our leaders learn actionable coaching and feedback skills. We view this effort as foundational, which is why we require leaders to include specific actions around developing talent and building strong teams as part of their annual personal goals.

Professional Development

We offer several professional development opportunities for employees interested in pursuing additional education or enhancing their expertise.

  • 100% reimbursement for professional certification tests
  • Tuition reimbursement up to the IRS maximum of $5,250 per year, per employee
  • Professional development training for all employees emphasizing teamwork, leadership and career growth
  • Petro-technical training supporting specialized courses across the engineering, geology and land disciplines
  • eLearning platform with access to more than 1,000 web-based electives designed to build business acumen and technical skills
  • Technical courses for non-technical employees designed to breakdown silos and increase industry knowledge

We regularly survey our workforce on their professional development training needs to inform and enhance our annual programs. We also offer ad hoc surveys with certain disciplines (engineering and geology) to better guide our Technical Training Committees. After each training program, we ask employees to provide an evaluation so we can optimize our courses and determine if additional training is needed.

In 2022, we invested more than $118,000 to support 30 employees who continued their college or graduate school education.

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