We recognize the opportunity we’ve been given — to be both a neighbor and an operator on someone’s land — and we approach this role focused on safety, stewardship and partnership. We commit to responsible operations while working to strengthen the areas where we do business.

Strengthening the Communities We Call Home

Delivering on our business strategies provides a financial benefit to our shareholders and economic support to our communities. Our operations foster economic development through job creation, capital investment, tax revenue to municipalities and payments to our royalty and surface owners.

From 2016 through 2021, we paid more than $1 billion in taxes. These funds help facilitate infrastructure projects, education and safety services.

In Pennsylvania, we also pay an annual “impact fee” that includes funds from natural gas operations and allocates a percentage to municipalities where we do business. Municipalities choose how to spend these funds according to 13 “purposes” outlined by the state’s Act 13. The remaining percentage of fees is distributed across all counties to be used for environmental initiatives.

2021 Taxes and Payments


In taxes (excluding Vine asset)


In royalty payments


In Pennsylvania impact fees

Preparing First Responders

Partnering with local emergency responders is important to our safety efforts and community engagement. Many of our operations are served by rural, often volunteer, fire departments. Given their limited resources, it’s especially important for these departments to know what to expect in an emergency and to have knowledge of oilfield incident response. Chesapeake has a first responder outreach program to educate emergency responders on the lifecycle of a well and what they might expect should an incident occur.

Philanthropy and Volunteerism

Being a responsible operator means helping our neighbors. We strive to create sustainable, beneficial impacts by partnering with communities and investing in projects that align with local needs and business priorities. We accomplish this in several ways.

Charitable Donations

Supporting organizations that align with our core values and business strategies

In-Kind Support

Donating advertising space and out-of-use office resources

H.E.L.P. Initiative

Connecting employees with local volunteer needs to create positive change in our communities


Partnering employees with local students to encourage academic success and build self-esteem

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