We recognize that our operations and performance impact many stakeholders. Our stakeholders trust us with significant responsibility that we honor through consistent engagement, transparency and two-way communication. 

Regular interaction with those who both impact and are impacted by our business allows us to listen, educate and deepen those relationships that matter most to our operational conduct.

Stakeholder Engagement Goals



Respect & Transparency


Risk Management

Long-Term Relationships


Mutual Benefits

Stakeholder TypeEngagementFrequency2021 Topics of Interest
Academic Outreach to universities in our operating areasOngoingEmissions reducing technology research, recruiting and internships
Business PartnersCertificationsRegular, ongoingEmissions reducing technology, RSG, e-frac
Contractors and SuppliersSafety and Code of Conduct education, employee engagement, ethics helpline, dedicated chk.com section and portal Regular and ongoing, ethics helpline 24/7COVID-19 response and safety, contract renegotiations, operational and financial performance, workforce training and development
CommunityOwner Relations team interactions, employee engagement, donation request process, emergency responder trainingsRegular employee engagement, donation reviews three times per year, emergency responder meetings or trainings Future company partnerships, ongoing operations, COVID-19 response
EmployeesTown hall and other leadership meetings, HR business partner interactions, trainings, performance management and professional development opportunities, intranet and email communications, ethics helpline Regular and ongoing, intranet and ethics helpline 24/7COVID-19 response and safety, financial performance, A&D activity, workforce training and development, workforce health and safety
Government and Regulatory Meetings, agency interactions, Political Action Committee (PAC) activities, lobbying activitiesRegular, ongoingClimate and emissions, compliance, COVID-19 response, community engagement
Industry PeersIndustry forums, trade association meetings and eventsRegular, ongoingCOVID-19 response, community engagement, climate and emissions, environmental impact, water management, workforce health and safety, DEI
InvestorsAnnual meeting of shareholders, conferences and road shows, financial reports, Board and Investor Relations team contact, earnings statements and calls, dedicated chk.com sectionRegular and ongoing, regular meeting and conference participation, annual meeting of shareholders in May and quarterly earnings communications, website 24/7Climate and emissions, Board governance and compensation, DEI, A&D activity
MediaPress releases, social media, self-published materials, leadership interviews and phone calls, Media team contactOngoingClimate and emissions, operational changes (A&D activity)
OwnersOwner Relations team interactions, employee engagement, ethics helpline, dedicated chk.com section and portalRegular and ongoing, ethics helpline and websites available 24/7Royalty check questions, maintenance and reclamation repairs, operational schedule
Special Interest GroupsMemberships and meetings, employee engagement, phone calls and other subject matter expert interactions, ratings and reviewsRegular, ongoingClimate and environmental disclosures, governance and risk, DEI, human rights
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