Energy is critical to modern life, and readily available energy at an affordable price is a luxury many of us take for granted in the U.S. Around the world, global energy demand continues to grow, expected to increase by 47% by 2050 according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Population and economic growth will drive this demand, particularly in developing markets where energy poverty — the lack of access to reliable, modern energy — remains a significant concern for up to 770 million people worldwide. 

Chesapeake is proud to be part of the energy security solution. By producing safe, affordable and available natural gas and oil, we support vulnerable populations with life-changing fuel and help to ensure the uninterrupted availability of energy sources to fuel modern life. However, we must balance this energy production with the recognition that our operations have environmental and community impact.

Delivering affordable, reliable, lower carbon energy is the purpose that unites our employees, drives our operations and guides our planning, processes and projects.

Our culture and values demand continuous improvement of our ESG performance across all facets of our company. Backed by our talented team and focused leadership, we’ll continue to identify opportunities for ESG growth and progress. 

A Culture Focused on ESG

  • Safety (employees, partners and the community) as top priority 
  • Employee-driven and enterprise-wide
  • Intentional and transparent reporting aligned with leading standards
  • Optimized focus on data governance
  • Emissions-disciplined facility design
  • Adoption of emerging technology to support our ESG performance
  • Enhanced stakeholder engagement
  • Thoughtful, strategic deployment of capital and technology to reduce operational emissions

While words signal our intention, to truly demonstrate our commitment to ESG excellence we must transparently chart our path forward. Using key markers and measurements, we enable our stakeholders to judge our progress and hold us accountable.

Our climate-related pledges, as well as our employee and executive compensation programs, align ESG performance with shareholder value creation. Specific to our employee compensation program, we require ESG performance metrics to be met at the threshold level in order for employees to receive payout exceeding the target for any other performance metric.

As we embrace a lower carbon future, we’ll be at the forefront of thinking differently. This means mitigating risks, but also identifying opportunities to strengthen our ESG performance for the benefit of all our stakeholders. 

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