Chesapeake closely monitored COVID-19 as it reached pandemic status and continues to analyze the virus’ impact today. As it became clear that the virus would threaten our employees’ health, the company’s operations and the communities where we operate, we initiated our business continuity pandemic response plan.

COVID-19 Response Plan

  • Remote working for employees during early stages of the pandemic
  • Safe return-to-work procedures
  • Promotion of the vaccine through internal communications
  • Vaccination clinics on our corporate campus
  • Contact tracing
  • Mental health support
  • Transition to “work for your day” program that affords employees the opportunity to work remotely should they not have commitments in a Chesapeake facility that day

From March to May 2020, the company closed our corporate headquarters and field offices and moved most employees to remote-work locations, leveraging business continuity plans. During that period, because of the dedicated work and determination of our employees and our previously implemented technology, the company was able to operate seamlessly without disruptions normally associated with running a company of our size and scale remotely. 

As employees returned to normal-work environments, we managed office re-openings with phased-in approaches and increased office safety procedures, including enhanced cleaning, mandatory masks and limited in-person meetings. 

Also, as vaccines became available, we promoted vaccine opportunities through internal communications and sponsored on-campus vaccination clinics for staff, families and the community. Additionally, recognizing the impact the pandemic can have on employees’ mental health, the company hosted a series of web-based trainings for leaders and individual contributors on managing stress and psychological duress during these challenging times.

Our Health, Safety and Risk teams continue to partner to monitor COVID-19 and its variants. We feel confident in the plans and procedures we currently have in place but continue to follow guidance from local, state and national health organizations to best protect the health, safety and well-being of our employees and neighbors.

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