Chesapeake is committed to respecting natural resources in our operations, reducing our environmental footprint and complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Environmental stewardship is a core value — foundational to who we are and how we operate.

2021 Environmental Performance


Methane intensity


Of wells reported to FracFocus


Net spill intensity

More than 157 million

Gallons of produced water recycled or reused

Our Health, Safety, Environmental and Regulatory (HSER) management system provides the planning and accountability needed to support our commitment to environmental excellence. Through this system, we focus on four categories — planning and prevention, process and implementation, performance evaluation and improvement, organization and leadership — each with an accompanying strategy and steps to translate words into action.

From fostering a sustainable culture to promoting employee ownership of HSER issues, our HSER management system proactively identifies and manages risk across our organization for the safety of our people and stewardship of the environment.

HSER Management System Goals

Safety of All

Protecting our people is our first priority. We will never put our operations above the safety of our employees, partners or neighbors.

Protection of Natural Resources

We commit to protect and care for the environment and comply with all applicable laws and regulations as part of our daily operations.

Operational Excellence

We strive for excellence, move quickly to rectify any HSER problems associated with our operations and address any issues that arise.

Commitment of Company Resources

We provide the human, physical and financial resources to achieve our HSER objectives, and we expect our partners to do the same.

Support of Industry Regulation

We support science-based regulation at the appropriate level of government that helps ensure oil and natural gas wells are drilled, completed and produced safely and responsibly.

Continuous Improvement

We continue to evaluate evolving environmental protection measures with the goal of improving our operating practices and further reducing our environmental footprint by using the latest technologies and operational procedures.

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