News • SEPTEMBER 18, 2023

Rig Contractors Receive Safety Recognition

Since 2018, Chesapeake’s Drilling Safety team has been awarding individual rig contractors or third-party service providers with the Exceptionalism Award as part of its Recognition Program.

Since inception, the Exceptionalism Award has become an important facet in the development of Chesapeake’s safety culture. Drilling Safety works in conjunction with the Operations team to identify exceptional behaviors and choices by individuals throughout the company’s drilling operations. Some examples of this include stop work authority, hazard identification, choosing to do the right thing, avoiding short cuts that can result in injury or spills and mentoring of personnel who lack knowledge or understanding of critical safe behaviors.

We want to recognize the most recent Exceptionalism Award Winners listed below.

Wesley Moss is a driller on Patterson 582, who stayed over to fill in working floors on Patterson 583 this hitch. He has demonstrated tremendous work ethic and has acted as an ideal mentor for an SSE on the crew. Wesley’s efforts have been significant, making him a worthy candidate for our Recognition Award.

Salem Kahn, floorman on the Precision 560 rig, is the Recognition Award Winner for the hitch. While drilling ahead, Salem observed a pinhole leak on a suitcase kicker hose. He radioed the floor and had the job shut down quickly to mitigate a potentially large spill. The hose was replaced, and work continued without incident. Salem’s quick actions and high engagement are appreciated on Precision 560.


These winners were selected by field drilling leadership from a list of nominees and then were awarded the recognition from drilling superintendents and HSER in front of their peers.  

During the award process, the Drilling Safety team recognizes specific details associated with the winner’s behavior/choices to help promote and reinforce the safety culture Chesapeake strives to build. Overall, the Recognition Program has been highly successful in building morale, endorsing good decision-making and identifying hazards in the field.

Watch for more Exceptionalism Award winners each quarter.

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