News • September 9, 2021

Dell’Osso Talks ESG and Other Investor Expectations in Podcast

Chesapeake President and CEO Nick Dell’Osso was the featured guest on the Energy Council’s investor podcast on Sept. 9, 2021 when he was serving as company CFO.

Dell’Osso discussed Chesapeake’s emergence after Chapter 11 bankruptcy. His positive company outlook included changes to our debt balance, G&A and operational costs and what hasn’t changed: our talented team of employees and our asset portfolio. 

During the more than 30-minute interview, Dell’Osso reiterated the company’s ESG commitment, our ESG practices at work and our pursuit of responsibly sourced gas (RSG) certification.

“The industry, and our company in particular, produces commodities and fuels that the world needs. And that make human lives better,” said Dell’Osso. “But if we can’t do that in an environmentally responsible manner, then we’ll lose the ability to do that. And that will be a disservice to the planet.”

Dell’Osso sees a clear path for Chesapeake to take leadership role specific to ESG. 

He added, “We have to have a mindset of continuous improvement. We must be transparent about what we see in the environmental impact of our hydrocarbons that we produce. We have to innovate to improve upon that footprint every day. We have to be leaders in this space.”

To listen to the podcast, visit the Energy Council website.

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